Dr. Ganesh Mule is an experienced Obstetrician Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon based in Ghatkopar Mumbai. He has completed his post graduation from National board, New Delhi. He has done fellowship in artificial reproductive techniques (ART) and Infertility. He has completed his one year MUHS Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery from Mumbai with Distinction. He has successfully completed many training programs like NDVH, Preventive Oncology, Colposcopy, Cervical Screenings, High Risk Obstetrics and IUI. He has experience of more than 8 years in his field. His areas of interest are Laparoscopic surgery (Key hole surgery) and Infertility.

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Infertility Workup &Treatment

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Infertility Workup &Treatment

Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. There are two kinds of infertility primary and secondary.
Primary infertility means that the couple has never conceived. Secondary infertility means that the couple has experienced a pregnancy before and failed to conceive later. Globally, most infertile couples suffer from primary infertility.


Factors related to men and women can both contribute to infertility. Male infertility accounts for around a third of infertility issues, whereas female infertility accounts for about a third. In the other situations, the cause of infertility may not be known or may be related to issues with both couples.

Female infertility can be caused by a number of factors

Harm to the fallopian tubes

Disturb ovarian function/hormonal causes

Uterine causes

Cervical causes

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